University of Wisconsin-Madison, Introduction to Game Theory, Teaching Assistant, spring 2009 (Prof. Scott Gehlbach)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Comparative Legal Institutions, Teaching Assistant fall 2008 (Prof. Kathryn Hendley)

KDI School of Public Policy and Management, East Asian Politics, Teaching Assistant fall-spring 2003 (Prof. David Park)

Chosun University, Russian Politics, fall-spring 2006-2007, Instructor

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Russian Politics and Economy, fall-summer 2002, Instructor

Teaching Statement

I think of teaching as a mutually enriching exchange of ideas and experiences between an instructor and her students. I would love to teach a diverse and motivated group of students at your school. I would offer courses on comparative political economy, the political economy of violence and corruption, and state development.

I have a Master’s degree with a focus on International Relations from KDI School of Public Policy and Management (Korea). I can offer a variety of courses in these sub fields, including IR theories, Political Economy of East Asia, and International Organizations.

I have undergone extensive training in quantitative methods and research design and would be happy to provide instruction in methods in social sciences. Given my background in East Asian politics and business, I can offer these courses in comparative perspective.

I think that exposure to other systems of education has great value for educators. I was fortunate to study and teach outside of Russia and the United States. I spent four and a half years in South Korea as, first, a graduate student in public policy and, later, an instructor. In the United States, I served as a teaching assistant for courses in Game Theory and Comparative Legal Studies. As an instructor, I strive to create an environment conducive to constructive discussion; personal attention to the needs of my students was always my priority. My student evaluations for the courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison were good (an average of 4.1 out of 5).

I find advising a valuable experience as well. During my time in Korea as well as at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I was involved in mentoring and advising students. I am looking forward to continuing my service as an adviser in the future.

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